Case Studies

Read our latest case studies to understand how our solutions can help in your sector.

Utility companies provide electricity, gas and water services for customers. Remote management of sites such as wind farms is crucial to their efficient operation.
Our dual SIM wireless industrial routers help utility companies manage remote sites and improve operational efficiency.

Taxi companies and vehicle fleets require walled garden WiFi zone, GPS location services and vehicle management connectivity in their service vehicles, using a single device.
Our compact 3G/4G and WiFi wireless router with simple snap-in mounted carrier provides in-vehicle WiFi to LTE.

Key infrastructure such as Urban Traffic Control (UTC), Emergency services, and radio base stations demand a high level of control and reliability.
Our solutions provide resilient remote site devices, all automatically deployed and centrally managed to meet the demanding requirements of these vital services.

Financial sector companies need Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance, as well as fast and highly secure transactions.
Our secure solutions meet the strict requirements demanded by banks and financial regulators for safe and secure financial transactions.

Telecommunications service providers want to turn off older TDM networks but also need to avoid disrupting valued customers that cannot easily move to newer networks.
We solve this problem with a range of seamless IP migration products that allow customers to retain TDM interfaces while using current Ethernet/IP networks for transport.

AS5300 RAS equipment used to provide a dial-up modem service is no longer supported by the manufacturer meaning that SLAs cannot be guaranteed over contract lifetimes. Virtual Access RAS replaces EoL dial-up Remote Access Servers such as the AS5350, AS5400, AS5300 and Max TNT to maintain dial-up modem service over PRI (E1 or T1). Also, the RAS supports SIP trunk access using a unique algorithm that eliminates failed calls caused by TDM interfaces not being synchronised.