AS5300/AS5400 Dial-up RAS Replacement

AS5300/AS5400 Dial-up RAS Replacement

The client is a well-known telecommunications operator that provides a dial-up modem service. The AS5300 and AS5400 RAS equipment used to provide the service is no longer supported by the manufacturer meaning that SLAs cannot be guaranteed over contract lifetimes.
An option for the communications provider would be to terminate the dial-up service. However, many of their customers have equipment that only supports dial interfaces and upgrading equipment is too costly or disruptive. Customer applications are often in areas such as remote telemetry for water, gas and power utilities, communications providers, financial, military, radio, rail, transportation, internet and other high profile activities where minimising disruption is essential.
The client required a solution that would provide a fully supported dial-up modem service for 5-10 years.
Virtual Access Solution
Virtual Access provides a fully supported RAS with a guaranteed availability of support for 10+ years. Virtual Access can do this using a sofware-based modem processing architecture running on powerful general purpose processors that eliminate the dependency on obsolete modem chipsets that were used by RAS vendors. The Virtual Access RAS can directly replace existing RAS systems and since there is no dependency on obsolete hardware, the system can be supported for 10+ years.
An additional benefit of the Virtual Access RAS is that it can directly support SIP trunks, which cannot be done reliably by standard RAS systems due to the lack of clock synchronisation over SIP.

Client Requirement Summary

  • Maintain dial-up modem service
  • No change to customer equipment
  • Direct functional replacement for existing (obsolete) RAS systems
  • PRI and SIP trunk support
  • No RAS devices with End of Sale or End of Life hardware components
  • Support for 10+ years

Key Benefits

  • Legacy RAS can be turned off
  • No change to customer’s existing equipment
  • Maintain dial-up service
  • Functional replacement for the legacy RAS
  • PRI interface
  • All common PSTN standards
  • ISDN and V.110/V.120
  • Fully supported up-to-date solution
  • Easy to deploy and manage remote site devices with support for management functions such as RADIUS
  • SIP trunking function does not require external clock source
  • Support for 10+ years
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