Frame Relay Migration

We are world leaders in legacy migration solutions. With IP migration we enable end customers to retain equipment running legacy protocols, such as X.25, Leased Line and ATM.


The service provider connects the Frame Relay end points over a secure IP connection. There is no requirement for the end customer to change any existing equipment. The solution enables users to simply and cost-effectively maintain service. The GW9000 or GW7000 provides the Frame Relay service connection point and IP access at the customer’s site. The legacy service connection point can be serial V.35 or E1/T1.

The GW7000 Series router has a multi-port analogue leased line interface and presents an interface identical to that currently provided; meaning no change for the customer’s existing equipment and no need for customer site visits.

The GW9000 Series router contains a powerful built-in scripting language allowing users to develop custom applications. The scripting capability can provide access to equipment that previously required local access via serial ports.

  • Frame Relay over IP (FRoIP)
  • DLCI table (256 entries)
  • LMI
  • Frame Relay QoS
  • Tag-based 802.1Q VLAN or port-based VLAN on 4 ports
  • Separate 5th Ethernet port with no VLAN tagging
  • Synchronous/asynchronous serial port(s)
  • Supports async serial speeds up to 115.2Kbps
  • Synchronous connection up to 2Mbps
  • RJ45 connector 100ohm/120ohm balanced
  • ITU G.703 and G.704 compliant
  • Supports full and fractional services
  • Internal or external clock

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