Multi-path Lottery Connectivity

Multi-path Lottery Connectivity

The client is a European lottery network that required an infrastructure refresh to
include multiple IP-based terminals and network resilience.

The lottery network resilience needed failover from one broadband medium to
another with encryption required over both networks. As the lottery network refresh
included installing additional terminals at each site, a multi-Ethernet port router was
required. Another aspect of the challenge was the large number of sites combined
with an aggressive roll out plan. Installation time had to be reduced to a minimum.

The Solution
Because multi-path network resilience requires failover from one broadband medium
to another, the GW6000 Series router was recommended. The primary interface is
ADSL2+ with failover to HSPA. It also has four port 10/100 Mbps Ethernet VLAN switch
offering port-based VLAN segmentation. The four Ethernet ports can be configured as
separate Ethernet segments with firewalling between them. Both auto-detection and
manual selection of speed and duplex are provided. As part of this solution, the VLAN
switch was segmented into a multimedia, lottery terminal and management subnets.

To address the large amount of sites and the fast installation requirement, the Virtual
Access provisioning system, Activator was used to provision and monitor the routers
remotely. The client did not have to pre-configure any of the routers before shipment
to the customer site.

Client Requirement Summary

  • Infrastructure refresh
  • Multiple IP-based terminals and network resilience
  • Large amount of sites, fast installation time

Key Benefits

  • HSPA connectivity
  • Four 10/100 Mbps Ethernet VLAN switch for port-based VLAN segmentation
  • Built-in ADSL2+ and 3G for network redundancy
  • Remote provisioning for routers
  • Onsite router configuration and pre-staging not required
  • Remote monitoring for call history, up/down status, viewing if the terminal is connected to the router
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