What’s Your Sector?

What’s Your Sector?

12/01/17, Dublin, Ireland. Virtual Access’ critical application and industrial-grade routers meet the resilience requirements with features such as multipath communications to avoid a single point of failure, integrated communications interfaces, harsh environmental standards, high isolation for power applications, legacy interfaces to migrate RTUs to IP without expensive upgrades, and advanced security; all centrally or cloud managed to provide a cost effective high quality scalable service to thousands or tens of thousands of sites.

We provide single device solutions for automation, smart metering and energy management providing legacy serial RS232/RS485 and Ethernet interfaces with wireless broadband.
Managed Substation Connectivity
Smart Grid Infrastructure

Public Safety/Emergency Vehicles
Critical communications used by public safety applications demand secure, always on connectivity. Virtual Access’s latest products offer multi WAN interfaces including dual radio require fast switching across multiple WAN interfaces.
Emergency Vehicle Connectivity
Emergency Services/Blue Light

Managed Automotive Connectivity
Virtual Access routers incorporate dual SIM LTE celluar data modem, dual Ethernet ports and 802.11bgn WiFi. The routers support multiple WiFi SSIDs meaning that completely separate WiFi connections are available for passenger public internet access and for in-vehicle streaming content delivery to the TFT display.
Dual Function WiFi Services for Taxis/Passenger Vehicles

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