We are a Fully Qualified Achilles UVDB Level 1 Supplier

We are a Fully Qualified Achilles UVDB Level 1 Supplier

27/07/18, Dublin, Ireland. Virtual Access is proud to be part of the Achilles community as a fully qualified supplier with Achilles UVDB Level 1 – attestation of conformity for the following products:

  • Telecommunications Equipment & Accessories
  • Telemetry Equipment
  • SCADA & Telecontrol Equipment
  • Other Telecommunications Equipment
  • Network Equipment & Accessories


About Achilles

Achilles creates and manages a global network of collaborative industry communities, allowing trading partners to share high quality, structured, real-time data.

Achilles’ communities bring together rigorously pre-qualified suppliers with buyers working in the same regions and industries. For the buyers, that means they can drive procurement with decisions that are backed up by detailed, relevant, up-to-date information about potential suppliers – and maintain this transparency throughout their relationship. For the supplier, it’s an opportunity to benchmark performance, improve practices and deepen their understanding of their industry’s buyers.