Our Solution to Data Service Disappearance

Our Solution to Data Service Disappearance

07/05/18, Dublin, Ireland. Deutsche Telecom Akliengesellschaft  (DTAG) is turning off legacy ISDN networks, which will cause considerable disruption to customers with equipment and applications that rely on ISDN/X.31.

Read the full article ‘Ein Datendienst Verschwindet’ in the German technology magazine ‘Funkschau’, discussing the effect of such legacy migration by large telecoms providers on end customers. It discusses the Virtual Access solution that allows customers to continue operating their existing equipment without disruption using products that emulate ISDN/X.31 services over fully supported IP networks.

The Virtual Access solution

Virtual Access supplied the latest network technology for Datex-P and ISDN PH, and now offers a new solution suitable for the adaptation of PSPDN customer lines. The GW7600V, GW6600V-F and the AOS were originally intended for access to a central PSPDN network over IP, as Datex-P currently works. However, for a small number number of ports these routers can also provide packet network connectivity without the need for the core network technology but also without the special PSPDN switching functions.

Seamless IP Migration Product Summary
Access MethodRouterIP AccessCentral Site AggregatorHost Access
X.28GW7600V-SLTE, DSL, FibreGW7600V-S or AOSLeased Line or XMP
ISDN/X.31GW6600V-BRILTE, DSL, FibreGW7600V-S or AOSLeased Line or XMP
Leased LineGW7600V-SLTE, DSL, FibreGW7600V-S or AOSLeased Line or XMP

*AOS is recommended when full emulation of legacy X.25 is required.

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