Introducing our Latest Automotive WiFi Wireless Router

Introducing our Latest Automotive WiFi Wireless Router

02/12/14, Dublin, Ireland. Virtual Access is proud to announce its latest 3G/4G wireless router with optional WiFi: the GW1100 Series router. The compact and rugged design makes it ideal for use in vehicles such as buses, ambulances, emergency vehicles, cars, trucks and taxis for delivering applications such as IP-CCTV, telemetry, fleet tracking services, passenger WiFI internet access and mobile digital signage.

The router provides a walled garden WiFi zone, GPS location services and vehicle management connectivity – all using a single device. The router captures customer profile details, couples to a central server in the core of the network that gathers customer information and uploads it to a captive portal. Targeted advertising is then delivered to the WiFi login page on the customer’s smart phone.

Henry Brankin, Virtual Access CEO says “This small-scale wireless router is proving extremely popular for businesses in the automotive industry. It comes with dual SIM, dual antenna and optional WiFi. The PSU with ignition sense is generating a lot of interest as the router can be configured to keep running for a specific time after the vehicle has been powered off. Installing and removing the router from the vehicle is simple as it has a separate mounting bracket that the router snaps in and out of. Finally, revenue from mobile digital signage and targeted advertising on customers’ mobile phones means the router is a very cost-effective asset.”

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The GW1100 router with snap-in-snap-out carrier