Ease the Pain of Router Deployment with Activator

Ease the Pain of Router Deployment with Activator

05/08/14, Dublin, Ireland. Over the years, Virtual Access has supported many telecos in delivering huge amounts of routers over a global reach. Activator, our centralised provisioning and monitoring system has been working quietly in the background to ensure a painless deployment process while giving our customers the confidence to maintain end customer’s SLAs through efficient ongoing management, real-time remote diagnostic tools and operational status.

We think it is time Activator got the recognition it deserves. If you haven’t heard how Activator simplifies the logistic issues associated with deploying 1000s of routers, watch our video and learn how we can work with you to ease the pain of router deployments:

  • Reduce the cost of sending installation engineers to site
  • Automated deployment
  • Real-time diagnostics
  • Full scheduler for bulk updates
  • Simple integration with your existing systems


“VA’s provisioning technology and their product’s central management capabilities have significantly enhanced the deployment and service delivery capability required for our projects. This has enabled us to roll out over 6000 routers to one large customer over a much shorter timescale and with less operational resources and cost than would have been possible with traditional router technology.”
Els Haentjens, Product Manager for Data Services, Belgacom.

“Virtual Access offered a competitively priced product and very good support throughout the process. The device delivery was very fast, enabling us to deliver the project on the committed time line.”
Balasubramaniam Manikam, Head of Technical Design and Strategy, N’osairs.

“..cost saving differentiator with superior features compared to the competition.”
Jon Shipp,  M2M Manager, British Telecom.

” We wanted our customers’ experience to be unblemished and therefore required a device that could address the provisioning and monitoring and quality of service requirements. Virtual Access has delivered on all fronts and has contributed to the success of the the product suite and support services.”
Kash Ghata, Technical Manager, British Telecom.

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