Australia Discovers Virtual Access

Australia Discovers Virtual Access

05/07/13, Melbourne, Australia. There’s a new name down under for the Virtual Access team. We welcome Gary Myers, who is based in Melbourne, Australia, and is already working hard to help our Australian projects take shape.

Gary has many years’ experience in the computer industry and a strong background in software development, technical support and customer relations. For the last 12 years Gary has project managed large telecommunications projects covering transaction processing, data communications and ebusiness.

Gary is responsible for the Virtual Access product line in Australia – his vast experience in the Telco environment particularly for critical application connectivity including telemetry, financial, utilities, transport and security makes Gary a valuable addition to the team and a useful source of expertise for customers in these areas.

Gary says “I will be promoting Virtual Access products to increase their stake in the Australian market. Virtual Access already provides a key component of a major EFTPOS network and I see a possible future for the GW Series routers in other major organisations, particular in the telemetry, security and e-commerce.”

For more information, contact Gary Myers on +613 97589114

Gary Myers, Sales Director at Virtual Access Australia