2014: Our Year in Review

2014: Our Year in Review

05/01/15, Dublin, Ireland. 2014 was our year of power, progress, partners, products and new projects. Here are some of our highlights:


  • 2014 was a particularly successful year for us in the power and water industry. Several European power and water utilities are now deploying critical connectivity to tens of thousands of substation and water monitoring sites across Europe using our GW2020P and GW7314 Series routers that provide high isolation and resilience at remote sites with a management system that scales to tens of thousands of nodes.

Mobile ATMs

  • We were at Electric Picnic, The RDS Horse Show and Leopard’s Town Races – events that had in excess of one hundred thousand visitors. Thanks to our GW6630 router powering the mobile ATMs, all visitors were able to access their cash when they wanted to. The GW6630 provided the security, resilience and flexibility required for event-driven ATMs with the operational simplicity of one device for both mobile and fixed access.

Legacy Migration Projects

  • We gave a little TLC to a large Scandinavian telecoms company who needed to switch off their leased line networks and move their customers to 4G/ DSL. The company was able to make the move without disruption or requiring their customers to upgrade their equipment.
  • From Europe to Asia, but still in legacy migration world, well-known Asian communication carriers existing RAS dial in systems were reaching end of life. They needed a solution to support 1000s of customers that wanted to continue to use the service, we provided a solution that replaces the existing network system and gives a simple upgrade path to IP SIP trunk services.
  • From Asia back to Europe, we continued to excel in the legacy migration field. We migrated the ISDN/PSTN billing, management and lawful interception to IP for a network of over two million subscribers in a major telecommunications provider in the Netherlands using the GW9688, GW7010 and GW7602 routers –all centrally managed from our automated provisioning system, Activator.
  • It was only a small hop to Germany, where another large European ISDN, leased line and X.25 network has been migrated for over 50,000 users using  Virtual Access routers, AOS and Activator system.


  • Urban Traffic Control is a critical activity for one of Europe’s largest transport authorities who is now relying on us to provide reliable and secure connectivity for 6000 traffic light outstations in the demanding roadside cabinet environment with high levels of vibration, extremes of cold and heat and high levels of electrical interference.