SLA Report Management

Monitor, our centralised network reporting system contains diagnostic tools and reports to resolve support issues quickly.

Our Monitoring system provides centralised access to router connectivity status, access to advanced router diagnostic tools and also access to SLA Report Management. SLA Report Manager can build reports from a list of selected routers presenting a range of statistics including availability, latency, packet loss and 3G signal strength over extended periods of time.


  • Flexible report structure
  • Any number of routers can be selected over specific time periods
  • Reports displayed in graphical format
  • Problematic sites can be proactively monitored
  • Back up SLA agreements


  • Customer report generation
  • For managed service providers to back up SLAs
  • Ongoing report generation of specific sites

How It Works
Each Virtual Access router can be configured to store statistics based on the behaviour of a specified traffic flow. The SLA Report Manager can be used to retrieve this information and store it in its database. The user can then create a range of reports displaying this information which can be used to diagnose problematic sites, tailor reports for specific customers or to back up SLAs.