Activator: Router Provisioning and Management

Download as pdf
Download as pdf
  • Reduced cost of sending installation engineers to site
  • Easy router installations
  • Automated deployment
  • No end-user action required
  • Real-time diagnostics
  • Full scheduler for bulk updates
  • Simple integration with your existing systems

Activator is a telco-grade, automated provisioning and monitoring system designed to simplify the logistic issues associated with deploying and managing thousands of routers.
Activator can be a cloud-based or a privately installed server.
Monitor is a secure portal built in to Activator that provides your support team with access to router availability, real-time diagnostics, and dashboard reporting. Routers that are created as devices on Activator are automatically created on Monitor. Together, Activator and Monitor provide a highly scalable management solution that grows with your service.
Activator offers a comprehensive solution for managing a large estate of routers covering the following elements:

  • Import facility: easy to import router configuration files
  • Router template design
  • Bulk import facility: ability to import large numbers of router configuration files using CSV/XML or API web services
  • User groups
  • Browser-based access
  • Advanced scheduler

Deployment – How it Works
It is simple to get customer information into Activator for deployment of thousands of routers by importing files using CSV or XML format or through a web services API. These files are populated with site specific information from the customer database. The process is quick and easy and can be incorporated into any backend system.
When all the devices have been created, routers are ready to be shipped to your end-customer site.
When installed and powered up, the router’s call home to Activator. They present their serial number and download their configuration file and then reboot. Once they have rebooted, the router is live on Activator’s monitoring system.

Bulk Software & Configuration Updates
Managing networks of devices has traditionally been a complex and time consuming activity. Activator’s Active Updates feature allows you to update configurations to a device or many devices on a network at a touch of a button. You can update all remote routers simultaneously. Active Updates supports software updates and bulk operations such as changing network-wide settings to selected groups of routers or the entire network.

Job Queue Work Flows
Activator’s job queue workflow means you can schedule updates to occur immediately or at a specified time of day during a week. You can also monitor live updates status, configure re-try behaviour and access on-demand  reporting.

Simple Integration with your Existing Systems
You can integrate Activator with your existing Operational Support System (OSS). OSS integrator can be used to create devices by importing files in CSV or XML format or a web services API. The imported file can create a single device or many thousands of devices providing an easy solution for the building of router configuration files.

Hardware & Software Requirements


Minimal Evaluation System RequirementsRecommended Requirements
Processor2GHz (2 cores)3GHz or faster (2+ cores)
Memory6GBMinimum 6GB (this allows for 2K devices)
up to 10,000 devices: 8GB RAM*
up to 20,000 devices: 10GB RAM*
up to 30,000 devices: 12GB RAM*
*from version 7.01.20 onwards
Storage200GB (no RAID) 7600RPM or better
Operating system disk1 x 50GB
Application disk1 x 50GB
Database log disk2 x 200GB RAID 1
Database data disk4 x 250GB RAID 5
ComponentDescriptionSoftware VersionLicense Requirements
Operating SystemMicrosoft Windows ServerWindows Server 2019 & 20221 server license for Windows Server
Database SoftwareMicrosoft SQL Server Standard or Enterprise Edition (English version only)SQL Server 2019 or 20221 processor license
Application Support Software.NET framework 44.5None
Windows Server Web Edition cannot be used