IEC 62351

Virtual Access’s gateways are fully compliant with a security extension for IEC protocol family based on IEC 60870-5-7 standards. Virtual Access gateways are fully compliant with all other parts of IEC62531 standard which relate directly to end devices. Our devices meet the functional and hardware cyber security requirements specified in both IEC 62351 and IEC 62443 standards.

GW2028 SeriesGW2024P-GPIOGW7300

The security enhancements to IEC60870-5-104 protocol help utilities preserve and extend life of existing infrastructure by adding the IEC 62351 compliant Gateways. This inventory upgrade helps utilities to meet the compliance requirements of IEC 62351 and IEC 62443 standards.

Virtual Access gateways are capable of interconnecting multiple devices and simultaneously converting non-secure protocols to a secure version of IEC104. The IEC104 channel is connected directly to control centre where the communication is then decapsulated and forwarded to existing controlling infrastructure, additionally gateways are introducing a granular security control, application firewall and early detection capacity for ingress traffic by monitoring all interconnected devices at the perimeter.

The IEC 62351-5 security extension for IEC60870-5-104 protocol eliminating cybersecurity threats like/as eavesdropping, replay attacks or spoofing. It introduces major security objectives as control process authentication and secure data transfer, and with an aid of our IEC104 concentrator device the RBAC control mechanism can be introduced to the network.

    • SCADA protocol conversion
    • IEC 101, IEC 104, IEC 62351, IEC 61850
    • IEC 62351 standards for IEC 608705-104
    • Only authenticated access
    • Prevention of eavesdropping
    • Prevention of playback and spoofing
    • Ideal for IoT, industrial sectors, substations, and rugged remote installations
    • Dual radio option for critical connectivity
    • Centrally managed and deployed using Activator
    • Substation-hardened, IP-rated rugged devices
    • Last GASP power with power failure message
    • High isolation options on PSU and interfaces
    • Vibration and mechanical to EN standards
    • Resilient communication paths
    • Scalable to tens of thousands of devices
    • Outdoor enclosures for wired or wireless devices

          • Substations
          • SCADA
          • Smart grid
          • Smart metering
          • Water and gas utilities
          • Transport and rail

    Available routers and gateways supporting IEC 62351 protocols




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