Cost Effective POTS Replacement in Existing VoIP Networks

Cost Effective POTS Replacement in Existing VoIP Networks

Analogue phone lines on copper wires have been available for decades. There are many systems implemented on this service, including fax, monitored alarm systems, remote management access to IT equipment and SCADA systems. Mobile telephony and mobile data is ubiquitous and is the current standard for remote data access, making copper phone lines redundant.
Since existing copper lines are losing market share to mobile, they are becoming more expensive to operate, maintain and deploy. Hence, providers are now motivated to decommission their analogue phone lines to customer sites. For many customers, migration to mobile only is a difficult problem, and an interim solution is preferable to large-scale redesign of functioning networks.
Virtual Access Solution
The Virtual Access solution combines our success with mobile data routing, TDP over IP pseudowire technology and PSTN telephony in a single form router.
The GW1150 router provides:

  • A compatible analogue POTS port at the customer site
  • LTE WAN link for audio data streams, control and management
  • Bespoke quality and error recovery features for FXS
  • All of our standard management, security and telemetry features

Client Requirement Summary

  • Copper lines losing market share is an issue
  • Expensive to operate, maintain and deploy
  • Replacement solution for copper wire lines
  • Avoid large-scale redesign of functioning networks
  • Alternative solution for mobile migration
  • Analogue POTS port (FXS) at customer premises
  • LTE WAN link
  • SIP client for integration with IP telephony services

Key Benefits

  • No changes required at the customer’s existing dialler equipment
  • Clock recovery means voice-band-data (dialup modem) applications are not affected by clock slips
  • Migration from twisted copper to radio line without quality reduction
  • Forward-error-correction features maintain analogue audio quality
  • Packet loss handling designed for fax and modem applications
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