Transparent ISDN Substitution

Transparent ISDN Substitution

The client is a nationwide broadcaster in the Nordics that requires a high quality voice and data network for outside events, remote studios and international broadcasts. The broadcast equipment uses ISDN interfaces and requires ISDN synchronisation to prevent slippages or dropouts. The service is typically used for commentating at sporting, music, exhibitions and other events. A reliable, high quality service is vital – poor quality or dropouts result in complaints and loss of revenue. This dependable ISDN service has been used for many years and the broadcaster needs to retain high levels of reliabilty and quality. Broadcast equipment is currently connected to an ISDN line and traffic is backhauled to central sites over PRI or BRI. The customer wants to continue using their existing equipment over an IP network.

Virtual Access Solution
On the remote site, the ISDN network will be replaced by an IP network without the need to change the client’s equipment. A Virtual Access device is situated at the remote stations, the broadcast equipment ISDN interface is moved from the existing network interface device to the Virtual Access Gateway. The Virtual Access Gateway has a fast synchronisation algorithm that rapidly adjusts the clock, thereby preventing synchronisation failure in older equipment. The remote and central site synchronise and traffic is sent over a fully supported IP network to the destination site where the Virtual Access Gateway converts the traffic to a BRI or PRI interface.

Client Requirement Summary

  • Transparently support voice, video, data
  • No clock slips or re-syncs
  • Must work with existing broadcast equipment

Key Benefits

  • No change to remote site or central site equipment
  • Adaptive clock means transparent switch to IP
  • Virtual Access FastSync algorithm means older equipment can synchronise
  • Switched from ISDN to IP without quality reduction
  • Fully supported, up to date solution
  • Centrally managed
  • Single remote site device with ISDN, pseudowire, adaptive clocking, DSL, Ethernet and LTE
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