GW6710 for OPX Migration Case Study

GW6710 for OPX Migration

The client is a manufacturer in Ireland who has set up a new manufacturing unit and would like to extend the head office PBX to the new branch to simplify the management of incoming and outgoing voice calls.
Due to the location of and distance between head office and the manufacturing unit, it was not possible to install a new phone line system The customer had to use the legacy non-IP PBX system. They also insisted on no disruption to their existing service.
Virtual Access Solution
The GW6710 router presents an interface identical to that currently provided by legacy networks, the connections are simply moved from the existing line interface to the GW6710.meaning no changes are required to a customer’s existing equipment. It can extend analogue leased line services as well as analogue telephony services over IP-based Next Generation Networks whilst maintaining the same quality of service as before. One GW6710 router (FXO) was installed in the customer’s premises. Another GW6710 router (FXS) was set up in the manufacturing unit.
The GW6710 supports a broad range of services, including OPX, FXS, FXO, and E&M services with integrated DSL and 3G wireless interfaces and optional out of band management.
In FXS mode, each of the AAN ports on the GW6710 automatically establishes communication with the remote peer FXO GW6710. The FXO router is configured as a server and the FXS router is configured as a client. When a signalling connection over TCP is established, RTP data starts flowing between the two AAN routers carrying audio data in RTP packets and also RTCP packets.

Client Requirement Summary

  • Extend head office PBX to new branch
  • Use legacy non-IP PBX system
  • No disruption to existing service

Key Benefits

  • Legacy analogue leased line replacement
  • Migrate circuit switched network to IP
  • Analogue to IP gateway
  • Supports voice and data
  • Customer retains existing equipment
  • Local exchange/central office (CO)
  • or CP deployment
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