ATM to Ethernet: ATM to DSLAM Migration Case study

ATM to Ethernet: ATM to DSLAM Migration

A European telecommunications company is moving to an NGN/IP network as the support costs for maintaining equipment grows and service quality is difficult to guarantee on older networks. In this case, the client’s end customer was using ATM interface for connection to DSLAMs. The ATM network was being switched off, but the end customers did not want to upgrade as they have made significant investments in equipment and processes that depend on ATM and specific features the service offers. They also felt it would be too difficult and disruptive for them to move to alternative services.
Virtual Access Solution
Using the GW7900, Virtual Access was able to meet the client’s reliability and cost requirements and avoid disruption to the end customer’s service.
The client chose the GW7900 Series ATM Ethernet Gateway to migrate their ATM network to Ethernet. The customer was able to retain their existing equipment and increase bandwidth without increasing their operational costs.
The GW7900 Series ATM Ethernet Gateway provides the physical interface and transport protocols needed for ATM access over an Ethernet connection. This allows simultaneous delivery of ATM, IP and other services to the customer premises over a single line. The GW7900 Series ATM Ethernet Gateway extracts the packet data; encapsulates the data in the relevant aggregation protocol such as L2TP or PPPoE; and sends the data to its destination Access Server over an IP network. The destination Access Server processes the packet data from the DSLAM in the same manner as a DSLAM with an Ethernet interface.

Client Requirement Summary

  • ATM network being switched off
  • End customers did not want to upgrade
  • Migrate ATM network to Ethernet
  • No disruption to existing service

Key Benefits

  • Maintain existing profitable ATM network over a cost-effective high-speed PSN
  • Customer can retain existing equipment
  • ATM service can be turned off
  • Turn off old network, move to IP core
  • Customer moved to Ethernet access
  • Transparent delivery of multiple voice and data services over Ethernet/IP
  • Converge mission critical and multimedia applications
  • Convert ATM DSLAMS to emulate IP DSLAMS
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