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User guides and datasheets for our latest routers are available to download in pdf format below. For full online help pages and downloadable pdfs on how to configure our Service Managed Gateways, please use the SMG Archive link in the Navigate Documentation menu.
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User Manuals and Guides
GW1000/GW1000M Series User Manual
GW1000 Series Quick Start Guide
GW2020 Series User Manual
GW2020 Series Quick Start Guide
GW2024P Series User Manual
GW2027/GW2028 Series User Manual
GW3300 Series User Manual
GW6600V Series User Manual
GW6600 Series User Manual
GW6600 Quick Start Guide
GW7300 Series User Manual
GW7600 Series User Manual
Safety Documentation for Virtual Access Routers
Script User Guides
Backup Script User Guide
pingFailover Script User Guide
pingFailoverVPN Script User Guide
monRoutePing Script User Guide
natRedirect Script User Guide
Script Language User Guide
simSwitchPing Script User Guide
simTestPing Script User Guide
watchdogADSL Script User Guide
watchdogPing Script User Guide
watchdogPPP Backup Script User Guide
watchdogRecovery Script User Guide
GW1000 Series Router
GW1000M Series Router
GW2020 Series Router
GW2024P Series Router
GW2027 Series Router
GW2028 Series Router
GW3300 Series Router
GW6600 Series Router
GW6600V Series Router
GW7300 Series Router
GW7600 Series Router
GW7600V Series Router
GW7900 Series Router
GW7950 Series Router
GW8000 Series Router
GW9000 Series Router
Activator: Router Provisioning & Management
Monitor: Centralised Monitoring
Cisco LNS MLPPP Timeout
Antenna Options Summary
Router Comparisons
Critical Application Connectivity
Seamless IP Migration
Case Studies
ATM Financial Connectivity
Managed Automotive Connectivity
Emergency Services Connectivity
SCADA Protocol Conversion
Remote Site Connectivity
Managed Substation Connectivity
Urban Traffic Control
Multi-path Lottery Connectivity
Managed Smart Metering
GW6710 for OPX Migration
GW8000 for ATM-ETH Mobile Backhaul
AOS RAS Migration
White Papers
Cisco LNS_MLPPP Timeout
Load Sharing
Wireless Backup
End Of Supply and End of Life Statements
Virtual Access GW2021 End of Supply Notice
Virtual Access GW2022 End of Supply Notice
Virtual Access GW2040 End of Supply Notice
Virtual Access GW6100 End of Supply Notice
Virtual Access GW6600 End of Supply Notice
Virtual Access GW6710 End of Supply Notice
Virtual Access GW7010 End of Supply Notice
Virtual Access GW7100 End of Supply Notice
Virtual Access GW7200 End of Supply Notice
Virtual Access GW8010 End of Supply Notice
Virtual Access 8.7.xx End of Life (EOL) Notice
Virtual Access GW4XXX End of Supply Notice
Virtual Access GW5XXX End of Supply Notice